Mice Control in Houston, Texas

Mice Control in Houston TX

Mice Control in Houston | Pest Control for Mice Houston TX

Do you need the best mice control in Houston, Texas? Look no further than Wildlife Pro. Our team of skilled mice control experts will be able to combat the rodent problem on your property or inside your home before it gets out of hand. Mice reproduce frequently so a few mice can turn into an infestation quickly. 

It is important to have an effective mice control program for your home in Houston, Texas. Mice can produce a lot of offspring and a few mice can become an infestation quickly. Mice can be challenging to control because as soon as you get some under control, there will be more mice to deal with. There are different methods of mice control and our technicians will be able to determine the most effective method for your home.

If you think there are mice in your home in Houston, Texas, call Wildlife Pro today and schedule a mice inspection at 346-423-3047.

Mice in Attic in Houston | Mice in Attic Removal in Houston

Mice can get into attics and can cause a lot of damage. Mice will chew and gnaw on just about anything they can find, including electrical wires, which can be a fire hazard. Some signs of mice in the attic are hearing chewing, scurrying or other movement, seeing markings, prints, droppings and damage. If you think there are mice in your attic, you will need to contact a professional rodent control company like Wildlife Pro. 

Wildlife Pro will be able to do an inspection, determine what is attracting the mice to your attic, find the entry points and come up with a plan to control mice in your attic.

Signs of Mice in Attic in Houston, TX

There can be some telltale signs of mice in your attic in Houston.  Some of those signs of mice can be:

  • Scratching in attic space
  • Smell of urine or mice droppings in the attic
  • Mice tunnels in Attic Insulation
  • Hearing noises in the attic
  • Visually identifying mice

Mice-Damaged Attic Insulation | Insulation Replacement Mice

The damage caused by mice can be substantial and costly. If you have had mice in your attic, the insulation is most likely damaged. Wildlife Pro offers attic insulation services for mice-damaged insulation in your home in Houston, TX. In addition to removing and replacing old, soiled, attic insulation, we offer attic cleaning and sanitation services to remove droppings and get rid of bacteria.

Mice in the Basement in Houston, TX | Mice Control Houston

Mice can get into home through small openings and prefer dark, cool places like basements. One of the most obvious signs you have mice in the basement is seeing chew marks, prints and droppings. If you think there are mice in your basement, Wildlife Pro will be happy to come out for a mice inspection and give you an estimate for mice control for your property in Houston, Texas.

Mice in Crawl Space Houston | Pest Control for Mice

Do you have a crawl space? There might be mice in your crawl space. Mice like crawl spaces, because much like attics, they are dark and have insulation that mice can use for their nesting. Mice can get into crawl spaces a number of different ways, but one way is through openings in the crawl space vents. It is important to have vents repaired and screened, Wildlife Pro also offers these services.

Mice in the Kitchen in Houston, TX | Home Pest Control for Mice

Some signs of mice in the kitchen are seeing chew marks and tears on food packaging, crumbs, markings, prints and droppings. Mice can contaminate your food and make you and members of your household sick, so it is important to have them removed by professionals like Wildlife Pro.

If you have mice in your kitchen in Houston and need a mice treatment plan, contact us today to schedule a mice inspection. 

Mice Exclusions in Houston | Houston Pest Control

Once mice have been successfully removed from your home, you will need to have exclusions done to repair damages and to keep the mice population controlled and out of your home. Seal outs are some of the most common exclusions for mice but there are other options that our technicians can let you know about that might be most effective for your situation.

For more information about exclusions for mice or to schedule an inspection for mice control for your home in Houston, TX, give us a call today.

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For more information about mice control in Houston, TX or to schedule an inspection for mice control and mice exclusion services, call us at 346-423-3047 . Let us help you combat your mice problem with effective mice control for your home.