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Wildlife Removal in Tomball | Wildlife Trapping in Tomball, TX

Contact us right away if you live in Tomball, Texas and have squirrels, bats, raccoons, or other animals making your house unsanitary. Squirrels, bats, raccoons, and other rodents must be dealt with by specialists at Wildlife Pro.  Wildlife Pro provides the best wildlife removal in Tomball, TX.  

Squirrels, opossums, raccoons, rats, and other animals are among the nuisance we get rid of. Our professionals will conduct an examination and develop a strategy to remove the creatures. We also provide preventative procedures to ensure that these animals do not return in the future. Please contact us for additional information or to make an appointment now.

Squirrel Removal | Squirrel Trapping in Tomball, TX

Squirrels cause a variety of problems, including health and safety concerns as well as property damage. If you’re having squirrel trouble in Tomball, TX, call Wildlife Pro.

Squirrel in Attic in Tomball | Squirrel Attic Removal in Tomball, TX

Squirrels can chew their way into your attic and cause significant property damage.

Some signs of squirrels in the attic include:

  • Hearing scratching, movement or gnawing
  • Seeing damage, droppings or squirrels on the roof
  • Smelling urine or feces

Squirrels can gnaw through electrical wiring and timbers, as well as build nests with insulation and urinate and defecate inside. Over time, urine, feces, parasites, mites, germs, and nesting materials may discolor insulation, necessitating its replacement. Visit Wildlife Pro now to learn more about squirrel removal or to schedule an inspection.

At Wildlife Pro, we not only remove squirrels and other animals from your home, but also provide preventative measures to ensure that they don’t return in the future. Our professionals can diagnose and treat any existing issues so your family is safe now and in the future.

Raccoon Removal in Tomball | Raccoon Trapping in Tomball, TX

Raccoons are a serious health and safety concern, much like other frightening animals. Because raccoons are wild animals that should not be handled by novices, it is critical to call an expert wildlife control company.

We offer raccoon removal services to help you get rid of the pests in your home or business that are causing damage and other problems. We can remove raccoons from your property and keep them away in the future. Our team is experienced at handling these wild animals with care and professionalism.

Some signs of a raccoon problem include:

  • Hearing noises in the attic or crawl space
  • Seeing raccoons on the roof or in the yard
  • Tracks or droppings in the yard or on the porch
  • Damage to the property, such as ripped shingles or holes in the siding

Raccoon in Attic in Tomball, TX

Raccoons can wreak havoc on your home if they get into the attic. Raccoon urine and feces will be urinated and defecated in the attic, causing harm to the insulation. Raccoons are able to start fires by chewing on electrical wires. Please contact us for an inspection if you have a raccoon issue.

Raccoons are nocturnal and may be seen during the day when something is wrong. Please contact us if you have think there are raccoons on your property in Tomball, Texas; we’ll take care of them for you.

Animals in Attics in Tomball, TX

Bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and mice are all said to frequent Tomball attics. If animals have gained access to your roof, you should contact an experienced wildlife control company immediately. Animals in the attic can create a mess if they aren’t dealt with promptly.

Some signs of animals in the attic include:

  • Hearing scratching, movement, or gnawing
  • Seeing damage, droppings, or animals on the roof
  • Smelling urine or feces

Bat Removal in Tomball, TX

Bat removal is a highly specialized work that necessitates the use of an expert bat remover with proper accreditation and training. Bat elimination is governed by several regulations and procedures. For more information on bat removal in Tomball, TX, or to get in touch with us at 346-423-3047.

Rodent Control in Tomball, TX

If you spot rats or mice on your property, get rid of them as soon as possible. In Tomball, Wildlife Pro’s rodent removal services are now the most straightforward and quick. Rodents, like other animals, can transmit viruses and diseases and spread bacteria and parasites.

Opossum Removal in Tomball

Do you have opossums on your property? Opossums may be annoying, and they must be dealt with by experts. If you discover opossums on your property in Tomball, Texas and want them removed, call Wildlife Pro for assistance.

Snake Removal in Tomball | Snake Trapping and Prevention in Tomball, TX

Snakes, whether poisonous or not, might be frightening for you and your family. It’s not a good idea to deal with snakes on your own, so it’s best if a professional wildlife removal company like Wildlife Pro handles it for you. If you have any questions regarding Tomball, Texas snake removal services, please contact us as soon as possible

Birds Removal | Birds in Vents in Tomball, TX

Is there a bird on your roof or in the exhaust vents? A few species are federally endangered, which means they cannot be harmed. If you want to find out more about removing birds from Tomball, Texas, please contact us now.

Armadillo Removal | Armadillo Trapping in Tomball, TX

Armadillos dig tunnels in your yard in search of earthworms and grubs, leaving a large amount of earth. If you have armadillos on your property, contact Wildlife Pro right away. Please call us as soon as possible if you need armadillo removal or trapping services in Tomball, TX; we’ll take care of it for you.

Skunk Removal | Skunk Trapping in Tomball, TX

Do you have a skunk on your property, in your garden, under your deck, or in your shed? Skunks are bothersome creatures that spray when frightened, and they must be dealt with by an expert wildlife control firm such as Wildlife Pro of Tomball, Texas.

Wildlife Exclusions in Tomball, TX

The term “exclusion” refers to the process of keeping animals out and avoiding additional damage. The following are some examples of exclusions:

  • Seal outs
  • Screens
  • Vent covers or bird guards
  • Chimney caps

For more information about the wildlife exclusions in Tomball, Texas, please contact us. Our specialists can help you choose which exclusions are appropriate for your needs.

Attic Insulation Replacement in Tomball, TX

Squirrels, bats, and other animals may deposit nesting materials, urine, and feces in your attic insulation. Before re-insulating your attic, have a professional wildlife business like Wildlife Pro remove the old insulation, clean the attic and disinfect the attic before installing new attic insulation.

Please contact Wildlife Pro immediately if you want to learn more about attic rat removal in Tomball, TX or to talk with one of our specialists.

Contact us for Wildlife Removal in Tomball, TX

We can assist Tomball residents with their insect pest animal problem. Please contact us at 346-423-3047  or fill out a contact form right now if you require any of the following services:

  • Wildlife removal
  • Exclusion repairs
  • Rodent control
  • Attic insulation replacement

Please call us at 346-423-3047  or fill out our contact form if you have any questions. Thank you for selecting Wildlife Pro as your Tomball, TX wildlife removal company.