Opossum Removal In The Woodlands, TX

Are Opossums Invading Your Property?

Opossum Removal Near Me

Opossum Removal Service The Woodlands

Are you searching for opossum removal in The Woodlands, or for “opossum removal near me”? Wildlife Pro has you covered. We offer opossum removal services including wildlife trapping, seal outs, and preventative measures.

Nuisance wildlife like opossums can cause significant problems for your household.

For the best opossum removal in The Woodlands, Texas, contact Wildlife Pro. Opossums can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous, requiring professional wildlife removal services. Trust Wildlife Pro to safely handle the situation.

Contact Wildlife Pro for Opossum Removal

If you need opossum removal in The Woodlands, contact Wildlife Pro for exceptional wildlife removal services.

Call us at 346-423-3047 or fill out our contact form.

Opossum Removal Near Me

Opossums In Your Home

Do you have an opossum in your home in The Woodlands? It is best to address the situation promptly.

Opossums can enter your home and cause damage. Signs of an opossum in your home include hearing movement, scratching, chewing, smelling urine and feces, and seeing damage. If you believe there are opossums in your home, call Wildlife Pro, your local wildlife removal company.

Opossum Damage to Your Home

Opossums can chew on beams, boards, and wiring, and ruin insulation with their urine, feces, and nesting materials. They also carry parasites and bacteria.

Act quickly to prevent costly damage. Contact Wildlife Pro to schedule an evaluation for your home in The Woodlands and the surrounding Texas area.

How To Get Opossums Out Of Your Home

If there are opossums in your home, a wildlife inspection is needed. Our professional wildlife experts will inspect entry points, determine the best removal method, and assess necessary repairs. For more information, call us at 346-423-3047.

Opossum Trapping Near Me

Opossum Trapping In The Woodlands, TX

Looking for opossum trapping in The Woodlnads, TX? Wildlife Pro offers effective opossum trapping services in The Woodlands, TX. Our skilled trappers safely and effectively remove opossums from your property, whether they are in your home, under your deck, shed, or porch.

Opossum Exclusions and Repairs

If opossums have entered your home, exclusions and repairs are essential. Exclusions prevent future animal entry by sealing entry points and screening vents or other openings. For more information about repairs and exclusions in The Woodlands, Texas, call us.

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