Raccoon Removal In The Woodlands, TX

Are raccoons rummaging through your trash?

Raccoon Removal Near Me

Raccoon Removal The Woodlands

Are you looking for raccoon removal in The Woodlands? or are you looking for “raccoon removal near me“? Don’t worry, Wildlife Pro TX has you covered.  We offer raccoon removal services in The Woodlands like wildlife trapping, seal outs, and preventative services.

Nuisance wildlife like raccoons can cause problems for you and members of your household.

For the best raccoon removal in The Woodlands, Texas, contact Wildlife Pro. Raccoons can be unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous, so they will need to be removed by a professional wildlife removal company in The Woodlands like Wildlife Pro. Don’t risk your safety when dealing with raccoons, leave it to a Wildlife Pro! 

Contact Wildlife Pro for Raccoon Removal In The Woodlands, TX

If you need raccoon removal in The Woodlands, contact Wildlife Pro for the exceptional wildlife removal services.

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Raccoon Attic Removal Near Me

Raccoons in Attic

Do you have a raccoon in your attic in The Woodlands? If so, it is best not to leave the situation unchecked for very long. 

Raccoons can get onto the roof and chew their way into the attic, where they can cause substantial damage. Some signs of a raccoon in the attic include hearing movement, scratching, chewing and gnawing, smelling urine and feces and seeing damage to the attic. If you believe there are raccoons in your attic in The Woodlands, Texas, call a wildlife professional like Wildlife Pro.

Raccoon Damage to the Attic

Raccoons will chew and gnaw on beams, boards and wiring and can ruin attic insulation with their urine, feces and nesting materials. Additionally, raccoons carry parasites and a lot of bacteria.

If you have a raccoon in your attic, you will want to act quickly.  Damage to your attic from raccoons can be costly if not addressed quickly.  Contact Wildlife Pro to schedule a raccoon damage evaluation for your attic space in The Woodlands and the surrounding Texas area. 

How To Get Raccoons Out Of The Attic?

If there are raccoons in your attic, you will need to have a wildlife inspection. One of our professional wildlife experts will be able to do an inspection and determine where the entry points are, what the best method for removal is and if there needs to be any repairs completed. For more information about how to get raccoons out of your attic, call us at 346-423-3047.

Raccoon Trapping Near Me

Raccoon Trapping In The Woodlands, TX

The most successful form of raccoon removal is raccoon trapping. If you’re looking for raccoon trapping in The Woodlands, TX, then you’ve found the right wildlife removal company in Wildlife Pro. Our team has the best raccoon trappers on staff and we provide effective raccoon trapping in The Woodlands, TX. Our professional wildlife trappers have the skills, knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively trap and remove raccoons from your property in The Woodlands, Texas. Whether you have raccoons in the attic, or raccoons under your deck, shed or porch, Wildlife Pro TX can help.

Raccoon Exclusions and Repairs

When raccoons have chewed holes in your roof or made your attic their home, you will need to have exclusions and repairs completed. Exclusions are repairs that will help prevent raccoons or other animals from getting back into your home and causing damage. Some examples of exclusions for raccoons include chimney caps, sealing out entry points, and screening vents or other openings. For more information about repairs and exclusions for your home in The Woodlands, Texas, call us.

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