Wildlife Removal Houston

Wildlife Removal Houston

Wildlife Removal in Houston | Wildlife Removal Near Me

Do you need animal removal in Houston, Texas?  What about wildlife removal in Houston? Searching for Wildlife Removal Near Me? We can help!  While we don’t deal with domestic animals like cats and dogs, we are Houston’s Best Wildlife Removal Service. 

Squirrels, bats, raccoons, and rodents can all be a nuisance, and they will require expert assistance to be controlled or removed. Call us now at 346-423-3047 for more information about our solutions or to book an inspection for wildlife removal in Houston or Wildlife Trapping in Houston, TX. 

Wildlife Trapping in Houston, TX | Wildlife Trapping Near Me

Wildlife Trapping is one of the most effective ways of dealing with animals and wildlife that have made their way inside your attic or have taken up residence on your property.  Our team are experts in wildlife trapping services and will come up with the perfect wildlife trapping plan to fit your home and needs. 

Give us a call today to find out more about our wildlife trapping services in Houston and the surrounding areas. 

Wildlife Trapping in Houston

Squirrel Removal in Houston, TX | Wildlife Removal for Squirrels

Wildlife Pro is one of the lead providers of squirrel removal in Houston, TX.

Squirrels are considered nuisance wildlife, posing both health and safety risks as well as property damage.  If you’re having trouble with squirrels in Houston, Texas, Wildlife Pro is the ideal squirrel removal business to fix your issues.  It all starts with an inspection for squirrels.  We’ll investigate the wildlife issue to insure that the issue is squirrels and provide you with an wildlife removal estimate for squirrels (or whatever wildlife may have infiltrated your attic or property).  The estimate will include squirrel trapping, squirrel removal, squirrel clean up services, and squirrel seal out and exclusion services.  

We know exactly what it takes to be the best service for squirrel removal in Houston, TX.  

Squirrel in Attic in Houston | Squirrel Attic Removal

Squirrels can chew through your roof and make their way into your attic, where they will cause damage.

Some signs of squirrels in the attic include: 

  • Hearing scratching in the attic, movement or gnawing
  • Seeing attic damage
  • Noticing squirrel droppings or squirrels on the roof
  • Smelling urine or feces


Squirrels will chew on wiring, boards, and beams in the attic of your home in Houston, Texas, as well as insulation for their nesting and restroom. Insulation may get soiled with urine, feces, bacteria, mites, parasites, and nesting materials over time and need to be changed. 

Give us a call for more information about squirrel removal in Houston for your home.

Raccoon Removal in Houston | Wildlife Removal for Raccoons

Wildlife Pro is the best wildlife removal company for raccoon removal in Houston.  Raccoons, like other pests, can be a problem and cause property damage as well as being a health and safety risk. Raccoons may spread viruses, illnesses, and germs. It is critical that raccoons are removed by an expert wildlife removal business such as Wildlife Pro. Raccoons are wild animals that should not be handled by untrained individuals as they may be aggressive and bite.

Some of the signs that you have a raccoon problem include:

  • Hearing noises such as walking, scratching or thumping
  • seeing damage to your property, such as ripped open trash bag
  • seeing raccoons during the day

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so if you see them during the day, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Raccoons will also make noise at night as they rummage through your trash looking for food. If you have raccoons on your property, or need raccoon removal for your home in Houston, give us a call, and we will remove them for you.

Raccoon Trapping in Houston

As part of any estimate for raccoon removal in Houston, our team will recommend raccoon trapping.  Wildlife Pro are experts when it comes to wildlife and raccoon trapping in Houston, TX.

We’ll place raccoon traps in strategic areas on your property, roof, or attic that gives us the best opportunity to capture the target raccoon.  

If you need raccoon trapping in Houston or the surrounding areas, give us a call today to schedule an wildlife inspection for raccoons.  

Raccoon in Attic in Houston

Raccoons may enter attics through tiny holes or gaps, and they use attic insulation as a toilet and nesting material. Raccoons will gnaw on boards, beams, and even wiring if they are not handled properly. Contact Wildlife Pro in Houston, Texas if you have raccoons in your attic or suspect there might be other wildlife in your home.

Animals in Attics Houston, TX | Attic Animal Removal Houston

Squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, and rodents may get into your attic in Houston, Texas and create difficulties. If you detect animals on the roof of your home, it is essential that a wildlife removal business like Wildlife Pro perform an inspection. Animals in the attic may cause damage to the insulation as well as electricity wires and other components in the attic. Animals in the attic may also transmit illnesses and viruses, so it’s essential to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The faster you can get animals out of the attic or controlled, the less damage there will be and, as a result, fewer expensive repairs will be required. For more information about animal removal from attics in Houston, Texas, contact us now to book an inspection.

Bat Removal in Houston | Bats in Attics | Wildlife Removal for Bats

Looking for “Bat Removal Near Me”? or “Bat Removal in Houston”?  Well, if so, you’ve found the right place.  Wildlife Pro is the premiere company for bat removal in Houston, TX.  

Bats are a protected species in the United States, and they must be removed by specialists with proper credentials and training to protect them. It is against the law to capture, harm, or kill bats, therefore specialized removal techniques are required. Call Wildlife Pro for more information on bat removal in Houston, Texas.

Bats in Attics Houston, TX

Have bats in your attic in Houston?  Don’t worry, it’s a common issue.  Bats will roost in your attic space to protect themselves and to rest.  Our team of bat removal in Houston experts will come to your property, inspect your attic for the bat issue, and provide you with an estimate for bat attic removal.  Our team knows exactly what to do to get bats out of your home and insure they do not return.  After we have safely removed the bats through a bat one-way exit door, we’ll seal up the entry hole to prevent further entry.

We want your home in Houston to be bat free! 

If you need bat removal in Houston, contact us today at 346-423-3047.

Opossum Removal in Houston | Opossum Trapping Houston

Do you notice opossums in your yard or garden? Opossums spread bacteria and parasites, leaving a mess in your yard. If you find opossums on yours and want them removed in Houston, Texas, call Wildlife Pro for assistance with opossum trapping and opossum removal in Houston.  

Snake Removal in Houston | Snake Trapping and Snake Prevention

Snakes, whether venomous or not, may cause concerns for you and your family members. Snakes must be removed by a qualified wildlife removal business such as Wildlife Pro. For more information on snake removal in Houston, Texas, give us a call now to book a snake inspection.

Snake Prevention in Houston, TX

Wildlife Pro can provide certain snake prevention services in Houston.  We can place snake granular or snake traps down to prevent snakes from getting close to your property and deter them as the season progresses. 

Bird Removal in Houston | Bird Control Houston | Bird Nest Removal Houston

Birds on your roof or in your exhaust vents? You’ll need to have an inspection done to ensure the birds can be removed because some species are federally protected and cannot be killed. Other birds may be nesting and will need to have their young removed before they can be caught. For more information on bird removal in Houston, Texas, contact Wildlife Pro today.

Armadillo Removal in Houston | Armadillo Trapping

Armadillos are unsightly pests that dig up your yard in search of earthworms and grubs. If you have armadillos living on your property, they will require professional animal control services such as Wildlife Pro to be removed. For armadillo trapping and removal in Houston, Texas, give us a call now.

Skunk Removal in Houston | Skunk Trapping Houston

Do you skunk removal in Houston? Don’t worry, Wildlife Pro has got your back.  The smell of skunks can drive homeowners crazy.  We’ll trap skunks and remove them from your property or try to exclude them from their den. 

Do you detect a skunk in your yard or do they live under your porch, deck, or shed? Skunks are pesky pests that can spray if they feel threatened and need to be removed by a professional wildlife removal company. Wildlife Pro offers exceptional wildlife trapping and animal removal services in Houston, Texas.

Wildlife Exclusions in Houston, TX

Exclusion repairs are ones that will keep undesirable animals from returning to your property and causing further damage. Some examples of exclusions are:

  • Seal outs
  • Screens
  • Vent covers or bird guards
  • Chimney caps

For further information about wildlife exclusions in Houston, Texas, contact us. Our experts will be able to tell you what sort of exclusions are ideal for your animal situation.

Attic Insulation Replacement in Houston, TX

Wildlife Pro provides attic insulation replacement in Houston, TX because squirrels, raccoons, rats, and mice can damage your attic insulation, especially if they chew through it. Urine, feces, nesting materials, bacteria and parasites found in damaged attic insulation are dangerous to have in your house. 

In addition to removing the old insulation, we will clean and disinfect the attic before installing new insulation. In Houston, Texas, contact Wildlife Pro to have your attic insulation removed and replaced.

Contact us for Wildlife Removal in Houston, TX

Please contact Wildlife Pro immediately to book an inspection for wildlife removal in Houston, rodent control, animal exclusions, and attic insulation services. We are happy to serve the residents of Houston, Texas, and will be able to assist you with your nuisance wildlife problem. Call us now at 346-423-3047 or fill out our contact form.