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Are you dealing with snakes at your property In Houston, Texas and need snake removal services?  Are you looking for snake removal near me? If so, Wildlife Pro is the best snake removal service in Houston.  In our area, there are both non venomous and venomous snakes. If you need snake removal from your home or property in Houston, Texas, call Wildlife Pro today. Wildlife Pro offers snake removal and snake prevention. It is important to have snakes removed by a professional wildlife removal company, because snakes can be dangerous and might strike or bite.

Snake Inspections in Houston, Texas

Snakes can get into basements, crawl spaces, attics and other parts of your property. It is important to have a snake inspection completed by a professional snake removal company to ensure they can properly identify the snake, find out where they are coming from and figure out a solution to keep them away. Wildlife Pro offers snake inspections for your home or business in Houston, Texas.

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How to Get Rid of Snakes? | Houston Snake Removal

Wildlife Pro is one of the leading providers of snake removal in Houston, TX.  

If there are snakes in your yard or somewhere in your home, you will need to have them removed.  It is never recommended that you try to get rid of snakes on your own, there are potential hazards when dealing with snakes.  It is always better to leave snakes to the wildlife experts at Wildlife Pro! 

The professionals at Wildlife Pro can safely and effectively remove both venomous and non venomous snakes. For more information about snake removal in Houston, Texas, give us a call.

Snake Prevention in Houston, Texas

At Wildlife Pro, we offer more than just snake removal services, we also offer snake prevention in Houston. Snakes will not always stay in the same place that you saw them.  So, while our team does it’s best to locate the snake and remove it from your property, sometimes it just isn’t possible. 

If you live near the water or have large populations of snakes, you may need snake prevention services for your property. There are different options for snake prevention and one of our skilled wildlife technicians will be able to inform you about the most effective treatment for your situation. Call us today to schedule a snake inspection in Houston, Texas.

Wildlife Exclusions for Snakes in Houston, TX

After snakes have been removed, you will need to have repairs and wildlife exclusions completed to make sure the snakes don’t get back into your home. Some examples of wildlife exclusions for snakes are sealing out entry points and screening vents.

If you are trying to prevent snakes from entering your home or from being on your property, we may have a wildlife solution for you!  Contact us today to find out our full list of snake exclusion and snake prevention measures for our clients in Houston, TX. 

Rodent Control for Snakes in Houston | Snake Services

One way to keep snake populations down is to reduce or limit the food source. Snakes are attracted to mice and rats and are drawn to places where there are rodent populations.  Wildlife Pro offers rodent control for snakes in Houston, TX. 

The idea is that if you remove what the snakes are eating on your property, you will limit the amount of snakes you are seeing.  If there is no food source for them, they will look elsewhere! 

Wildlife Pro offers rodent control for rats and mice on your property in Houston, Texas for snake prevention. 

Contact us for Snake Removal in Houston, TX | Snake Prevention

Please contact Wildlife Pro immediately to book an inspection for snake removal in Houston.  We are happy to serve the residents of Houston, Texas, and will be able to assist you with your nuisance wildlife problem related to snake removal!  Call us now at 346-423-3047 or fill out our contact form.